Apply for NCLEX | Should I postpone my NCLEX-RN exam if I am afraid?

Are you considering postponing your NCLEX-RN exam due to fear? If so, don’t be so quick to reschedule! Consider the following to ensure that postponing the NCLEX-RN is truly the right move for you.

Evaluate your Fear

Identify what you are afraid of. Are you afraid of taking the test or do you truly feel unprepared? Once you determine where your fear stems from, then you can make a decision about whether to postpone your test and how to best prepare yourself to succeed.

Are you Prepared?

Consider how well you have prepared for the exam. Have you followed through with your study preparation plan or were there obstacles which prevented you from meeting your goals? Consider how long you have before your scheduled exam and re-evaluate your study plan to see if you can adjust it to meet your goals prior to your exam date.

Perhaps spend more time each day to allow yourself to cover more materials. Just remember to take breaks so that you are able to truly retain the information reviewed.

Your goal is to pass the NCLEX-RN exam and if you do not feel that you have prepared yourself, then postponing the exam slightly will allow you to study and gain confidence.

While waiting to take the exam will give you more time to prepare, the recent materials that are fresh in your mind will also now need to be added to your review. If you plan to postpone your exam, it is imperative to have a detailed study plan going forward so that you will not be forced to delay the exam again.

Test Anxiety

You know yourself the best and will need to determine whether you are afraid of sitting for the NCLEX-RN because of test anxiety or your level of preparedness. There are numerous ways to decrease your anxiety level which will hopefully allow you to remain calm and focused so you can succeed on your exam.

Consider some of the following options: deep breathing exercises for five minutes, stay in shape and exercise regularly, positive self-talk, avoid negative influences, and prepare each day.

Final Thoughts on Postponing the NCLEX-RN

Everyone has some level of test anxiety, but you must learn to put your fears into perspective and face them head on. Those who believe they will succeed are more likely to succeed. You have successfully completed nursing school, which tells me you are an intelligent and dedicated individual who now needs to believe in yourself and accept this challenge.

When you are taking the exam, do not focus on the one question you don’t know; instead, remember to make an educated guess and move on. Try to stay positive throughout the exam and take your time to think through each question and option.

If you feel yourself becoming flustered, stop and take a few moments to breathe and refocus your thoughts. Continue to remind yourself that you are going to be an excellent nurse and aim to succeed.


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