Five Ways to Study for the NCLEX

Studying for the NCLEX® can be nerve-wracking. You’ve come so far on your path to becoming a nurse, and facing this final hurdle may seem overwhelming. But with proper preparation, studying (and passing) this final exam doesn’t have to be stressful.

Since 1994, the NCLEX® has been a computerized exam to test potential nurses in an adaptive way. Instead of the old paper test administered twice a year with the same questions for every test taker, the NCLEX® is now much different, and with a targeted set of questions. The new Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) revolutionized the way nurses take this exam.

Unfortunately, many of the programs used to study for the NCLEX® feel like they’re still stuck in the 1990s. Our team saw this problem and knew we had the expertise to fix it. Our NCLEX-RN® Prep Course was born, with a more user-friendly, modern interface that provides a fully customizable, accessible learning experience on your schedule.

Here are five ways to use our innovative Prep Course to study for the NCLEX® more effectively and efficiently.

1. Treat Questions Like Flash Cards

With our Qbank, you can study over 2000 NCLEX-style questions. One way to use this resource is to treat each question as a flashcard. Randomly select a question, provide the best answer you can, and immediately find out if your selection is correct. If you got the question right, bask in your knowledge and move forward with greater confidence. If you got the question wrong (and we’ve all done that before), learn why you missed it and how you can avoid that mistake in the future.

2. Target Specific NCLEX® Categories

NCLEX® questions are divided into four categories and six subcategories. We offer an assortment of questions that reflects these ten components. Build a set of questions that targets your specific needs. Maybe you are strong in Management of Care but need to do some work in Physiological Adaptation. You might be a whiz at Reduction of Risk Potential but lost when it comes to Psychosocial Integrity. Our dashboard lets you select questions from one, several, or all NCLEX® categories to build a customized practice test.

3. Take a Practice Test to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

If you are just starting to prepare for the NCLEX®, you may not yet know your strengths and weaknesses. Our system lets you easily compile a 75-question examination that includes a selection of questions from all NCLEX® categories and disease areas. For an extra challenge, time yourself to make sure you are keeping pace with the actual exam. After you complete the practice test, you will receive detailed results showing areas where you excelled and areas that need more work. You can take as many of these Qbank practice tests as you like, each with its own randomized set of questions.

4. Study One Problem Area at a Time

Everyone has topics that give them more trouble than others. Someone may know everything there is to know about neurological conditions but struggle with acid-base disturbances. You may feel overwhelmed by your list of weaknesses. But you don’t need to improve everything all at once.

Build a study plan to fortify one underdeveloped area at a time. Start by focusing on your weakest field of knowledge, using questions as flash cards and taking targeted practice tests until your weakness becomes a strength. Then move on to your next weakest subject. And so on. With this targeted preparation, you can confidently pass the NCLEX® no matter what content the test throws at you.

5. Take a Mock NCLEX® with Computerized Adaptive Testing

Once you have thoroughly prepared for the NCLEX® and worked through the Qbank, you’re ready to test your skills on a true NCLEX-style examination. With our Premium Prep Course, you have access to five full Computerized Adaptive Tests. Treat each CAT you take like test day—set aside up to six hours in a quiet room free from distractions. This is the best way to simulate a live NCLEX® experience. Once the examination begins, our CAT engine will present you with a unique set of questions tailored to your specific responses.

When you get a question right, the next question you see will be a little harder. If you miss a question, the next one will be easier. After the test, you will receive a detailed report of your performance. The report will tell you how likely you are to pass the official NCLEX-RN® and highlight any areas for improvement. Adjust your study plan accordingly. With each CAT you take, you will be more prepared to thrive on the one that really matters.

Study With the Latest Technology

With technology as innovative today as the first CAT was in 1994, we hope to change the way you study for the NCLEX®. As you implement these five study techniques, you will find that your critical thinking skills, knowledge, and confidence increase. You will be well on your way to passing the exam and becoming a licensed registered nurse.

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