I wanna share my story:nclex-pn

:tinkbll:First before i begin my story i want to give glory to our dear Lord Jesus Christ for not giving up on me,he's been there with me.Without you Lord Jesus my life is nothing.And really true that you make things possible.and thank you for giving me strength during my review days even though i almost gave up,i know youve been watching me and thank you.

And thank you Lord that you helped me to finally believed in myself,to be confident in myself. Your such amazing God!!!!:dncgcpd:

Next is my fiancee who believe in me that i am going to win this battle.:tku: and to allnurses.com,made me strong and confident.

Okey so i am supposedly be taking my NCLEX-PN July,i bought my NCLEX-PN Lippincott the purple 8TH EDITION and decided to take it by August but,alot of things happend to me,i moved my test Sept 19,2011 but my fiancee came home for vacation and he found out ill be taking my PN and i forgot to tell him not to mentioned to my roomate but too late my room mate asked him if ill be taking my test that month and he said.

So i had to moved my test October 15,2011 since i stopped my review again.but then again i asked a day off at worked but my co worker needs to bring hes parents at the airport,so i finally resheduled my test again at OCTOBER 29,2011 and told to myself no matter what i will be taking my test this day since my ATT will expire on DECEMBER,so 2weeks before my exam date i told to my co worker i need friday off so atleast i have one day rest and he said its fine.

Then finally one more week and its my test day,and we founf out that the friday off the i requested is busy and i cant get off,to i just had half day off and my co workers are pain in the ass :smackingf thursday,2 more days before my test,i had massive headache,im in the bad mood,really busy at worked,just really bad day and never get chance to study.

Friday ugh!!!!i almost reschedule my test again but i told to myself that i am going to take this,so what i did is i cleaned my car,cleaned my room and just had good dinner,i went to early while listening to marlene hurst on the background until i fall asleep.i woke up early!test day!!!! OCTOBER 29,2011.i am just calm but still nervous.

I left in the house around 530 am,and man!something pop up on my dash board.oh man,TIRE PRESSURE LOW? what!!!what i went back home and ask my housemate what this mean.and he said i need to put air on my tire.So i did!!!!but then since its my first time i don't know what to do.Good thing there's this guy whose really nice and ask for hes help.So,basically one week before my BIG DAY a lot of BAD DAYS happened to me!:no:

But i did not let that affect me to stop my test.So anyways,went to testing area and i got there like6-630am and i am really!!!!yay!!!!so what i did is while waiting i wrote down my lab values and also my Transmission base....

before i walk out to my car,i prayed to God and also to SAINT JOSEPH OF CUPERTINO,THE LORDS PRAYER,THE HAIL MARY AND GLORY BE PRAYER.i used the stairway instead of elevator and saw the sunrise really inspired me!!!!Time of my test,and i am going to my designated computer and here we go again,they cant read my palm.really?urgh!!!but finally after like 3x of trying it went through

before i start my test i once again prayed to Our Lord God.And also call for helped of ST.Joseph of Cupertino. and hit start,read all tutorial.

First question pop up,about diabetes!wah!!!!diabetes!:banghead:oh no!its very tricky already.but i told to myself nope i am going to be a nurse!!!i keep praying and praying esp.if i dont know how to answer the question.until i hit 70 i feel like i cant take it anymore so i just took my unscheduled break.went out and gosh the palm reader cant read my palm again so she took my license and when i came back i saw her writing a report about the palm reading and i ask her if it will affect my test,and she said no,that's why we need to have our license ID with us in case.

so,at 70,until i hit 85 and still the comp still keep giving me questions after question!!!urgh!!!!gosh!!!please stop the computer.and the computer still keep giving me hard questions, i got different kinds of questions you name it!!!! the only thing i didnt get is the audio question.i got like SATA,PICTURE QUESTIONS,CHART,GRAPHIC QUESTIONS,DRAG AND DROP QUESTIONS.

I only have few pharma questions thank you Lord!!!!i got tons of reinforce questions,i got tons of TB questions,2 med calculation,very few OB,lots of prioritization questions.most of the answers are correct so i had to read it 2x or 3x or i will write down on my board just to see.and also i wrote THE transmission based precaution on my board big helped!!!!

and then finally last time i checked my clocked i still have like 2-3hrs left and i am only in 90-120 questions and finally computer shut off!!!!and i was like its over??? before i raised my hand i just prayed and called the pearsonvue stuff.

i walked out the pearsonvue with the big smile because its finally over,and i feel good.and yet nervous:redbeathe

Before i came home i stop by to a Filipino store and bought my food.its 10am when i got home,and rushing to try my pearsonvue trick did all the steps!i guess i am too excited and i accidentally click the last part question " Select the Board of nursing which you are seeking license" and i accidentally hit CA BOARD OF NURSING instead CA BOARD OF LVN.

And the pop i get is we do not participate PN test.and i was like is this the new trick now?i thought i passed and finally jumping!!!!:yeah:but then i realized wait a min something wrong so noticed that i hit the wrong one.so i started to get nervous again! and finally i tried it again and i got the messaged: The candidate has previously passed this exam.A new appointment cannot be scheduled,and wah!!!!!!!is this really true?i passed!!!!!

Oh i also weared my sweatshirt which is the gift of my fiance-lucky charm i guess :)

But i cannot convinced my self,i googled pearsonvue trick and i was like wait a min is this the good pop up looks different because doesn't say contact BON before can make another schedule.

I look for every different possible answer,and finally came to allnurses.com again and found the answer i am looking for.at first i saw the original pop up and i read the hold papers part,i got dissappointed at first but i didn't stop searched for an answer.until i found answer.

A lot of people getting the good pop up that i got,i am very happy!!!!yay!!!but still nervous because i read some blog that trick didn't work for them.but deep down my heart i am hoping this will work for me!!!!i checked the trick 100x times i think believe me. i just cant believe,and i keep on praying and praying and praying and keep reading about pearsonvue trick.

NOVEMBER 6,2011 TODAY!!!! My uncle called me and he said are you going to treat us today?and i was like no,mom will treat us today and he was like well i have a surprised for you,i have white enveloped here.and i know that's my official letter.finally i got there and saw my white letter.OPENED i guess they are too excited hehehe!!!!!

And finally i got my letter with my named HAS PASSED the NCLEX-PN!!!!YAY!!!!I PASSED!!!! I PASSED!!!!! PVT WORKS!!!!what a good news before we go to church!!!we went to church and gave thanks to the Lord!!!!!

now,i promised to myself ones i pass my nclex-pn i will share my story soon is my nclex pn.


BOOKS I USED:Lippincott NCLEX-PN 8TH EDITION Q&A.i finished this once and then i read this again 2weeks before my test.i think this really give me a lot of knowledge.for me its really hard questions,some systems are easy to answer but most of the questions are hard.its like nclex-rn i feel sleepy too heheheeh,i get more wrong answers that correct answers,but it didnt stopped me to study,i think i learned a lot rather than getting the correct answer.it sticks to my head heheehe.

fyi:i am working while studying my nclex-pn 5x a week i study while working once in a while,before i go to work but not 2 weeks before my test.i get to study at least 2-3 hrs after work

i also used MARLENE HURST (thanks to kazza) really hard to understand at first but once you get to watched it over and over its going to be easy and fun to watched.you feel like your not learning anything but what you should do is do questions after questions

also i finished up my RA GAPUZ NCLEX OF ABC,i think it helped me for some basic content.

My NCLEX ARDS application on IPHONE OR IPAD i think the new name now is nclex practice 2012.

allnurses resources.i print some resources here i think the one with 35pages.

oh and also i really believe that my gingko biloba herbal helps me a lot in my studying because i can answer at least one system or and half a day which is 100 something in every system which is a lot for me.

and a lil of Saunders 5TH edition RN CD.

Also LA CHARITY i used this 3weeks before my test but its like more of RN job.but it helps me a lot too.but then i decided to used my NCLEX LIPPINCOTT and focused on that book.what i did is 50 question on one system and another 50 on the other system,so i wont get bored and tired!works really good though,i think what you just need to do is you need to find things that really going to work out for you.

And oh this is funny because my co worker advise me to eat fish the night before the test-which is i did and morning of the test eat banana and egg which is i also punt spinach and drunk milk.believe me its true!!!!

And lastly never ever ever let other people know your test date.wanna know why?because they will keep on asking about your test and how did it go,and you will be just dissappointed and get upset and pressured!!!!i never told to any of my family even to my fiance that i am taking my test even i found out the tricked that i passed i just told to my mom,after my tricked.and also some other people wish for our success but some other people wish for our failure.so its better to surprise them.

make an excuse as much as you can,God will understand :)i hope my story will inspire you guys specially to all the people who failed the test NEVER GIVE UP!!!!and oh i graduated 2008.now i am in job haunting and NCLEX-RN review.

Sorry for the broken english.this is my second language:jester:



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