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Hello everybody.

Intro: I just wanted to start off by saying I passed the NCLEX 2 days ago in 75 questions and it took me about an hour and 15 minutes. my Nursing program offered Kaplan and ATI for us. ATI was damn near useless, and I believe many of you can attest to this statement. Kaplan wasn't the most user-friendly.

I didn't really like it all that much.

The rationales were, more times than not, mediocre. Also, a bunch of my coworkers swore by using uworld. So, I didn't mess around and I just got uworld . I got the two month subscription including one assessment. In hindsight, I probably could have gotten the one month subscription without the final assessment, but I am more than happy that I got the two month subscription.

Studying length and product used: Like I said, I got the two month subscription including the one final assessment of Uworld. I began studying at a very slow pace on June 7th and finished studying 2 days before my NCLEX exam (which was on July 26th).

About me/studying habits: I was in an accelerated BSN program while remaining full-time working as a nursing assistant at a Hospital. As you can imagine life was kind of rough and stressful but I still managed to make it through school. As far as my study habits throughout school, I have to admit that I am a slow learner. I'm not one to be able to read something about a disease process and be able to understand it right away.

I need to watch videos, reread text, be Hands-On with the situation, Etc... my test taking skills aren't the greatest either, I tend to read into questions too often and get a lot of test anxiety. The reason why I give you guys all this information is so maybe someone out there can relate.

Report/stats*:* for u world, I did all of the questions That were offered (total of 2113 questions). At each sitting, I would do the maximum amount of questions per test and that was 75 questions per test. There are many times where I'd have to pause or suspend the exam for various reasons. But I always finished the 75 question practice test. Out of all the questions, I got 50% of them right and 50% of them wrong.

I was ranked in the 29th percentile. my average time spent on each question was 83 secs, but I wouldn't pay too close attention to this because many times I would obviously get sidetracked, leave the computer mid question, Etc... My best score was a 62% and my lowest score was a 37%. The day I got the 37%, I was distracted and I believe I did half of the questions while at work. I used tutor mode for every practice test I did, in that, every time I would finish answering a question it would done give me a rationale as to why each question was either right or wrong.

UWorld Review, thoughts: Like I said before, I did uworld because many of my co-workers suggested it and swore by it. I didn't screw around and I just purchased it, even though the price was pretty steep for me. Looking back, I honestly probably would have paid double if I knew I would have done this well on the NCLEX! uworld was truly an amazing product. Every rationale was short and sweet and made complete sense.

Whereas Kaplan didn't really care to invest its time in making sure the rationales made sense for the user (IMO). many of the rationales included diagrams or pictures also.Uworld was very user-friendly. there's a function where you can highlight text to save for later or copy the text into a flash card.

The flashcard function was brilliant. if there was content that really stumped me, I would highlight text &/or diagrams to put into the flash card and when I finished all 2000 questions, I would review the flashcards-- and I am so happy that I did that because it definitely helped.You can leave notes, leave feedback to the company, Change the settings of the font to your liking, review how other students answered the question, when the specific question was last updated, Etc...uworld’s template is 99% comparable to what the template looks like when you have to sit for your boards and take the NCLEX. So when I actually went to go test, I felt like I was practicing with uworld-- which made it somewhat of a calm experience.

Uworld and the questions they ask are quite challenging. I feel as if that is done intentionally to prepare you for the actual exam. in all honesty, I thought the questions on uworld were way harder than the questions on the NCLEX (remember, I am not the brightest student and I am also a slow learner).

UWorld predictor assessment test: The predictor test was only 75 questions, regardless of how bad or well you do. I took the predictor assessment test 2 days before I sat for my boards. I approached the day as if it were my actual NCLEX exam. I woke up early, made a good breakfast, relaxed and watch TV for an hour or so, and then I set up the exam in a quiet room and focused and took it very seriously.

I scored a 60% on the predictor test. the average score for everyone else who took this predictor test is 55%. So I didn't do half bad. I got 45 questions correct and 30 questions wrong. I scored in the 64th percentile and Uworld said my chances of passing the NCLEX was considered very high.

NCLEX Day: My NCLEX was at 8 a.m. a couple days ago. I got a good night's rest, prepped breakfast the night before, woke up early enough to enjoy my breakfast and watch a little TV before I headed out to the exam.

For me personally the time I had to sit down and relax and eat a good breakfast before the exam really calmed me down. When I got to the building to take the exam it took about a half hour to get registered. Many of the other students in the room seemed quite anxious.

Surprisingly enough, I felt relatively calm, and that's saying a lot because I get heavy test anxiety. But because of U world, honest to God, I felt really really good going in on test day (I don't think there is one exam I felt good going into in nursing school). I sat next to a girl who took a deep breath and sighed loudly maybe every 2 minutes and I am not exaggerating. That was incredibly annoying, lol... I had a lot of select all that apply questions, which is apparently a good sign? I don't know.

Somehow I had no labor and delivery questions, which is a blessing because I did not like labor and delivery. I had a good amount of Psych questions. A good amount of educating dementia and CHF patients. I had a good amount of ethical questions. I had one med math question and it was too easy. I had one question at of all 75 that completely stumped me and it was a select all that apply asking about the signs and symptoms of pheochromocytoma (never heard of it!). I was taking my test at a really good pace but going into the exam I had a plan.

My plan was to, no matter how good or bad I was doing, take a break at around question 55. I ended up taking a break a question 60, went to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face, and finished 15 more questions. After question 75 the screen turn black and that was it. Like I said, compared to Uworld, the NCLEX wasn't all that bad. it was actually kind of just like the predictor test I took 2 days before. At the end of the exam, they ask you to take a survey that would take about 20 minutes. I said screw that and went through the survey as fast as I could. I probably finished the survey in a minute. I drove home super excited and relieved. I got home at 10 a.m., ripped a shot of Jameson, drank two beers and listen to some good music!

Thoughts and Recommendations: I am a firm believer in uworld. I cant give it enough praise. Give yourself a month and a half to two months to study for this exam. You guys are all very smart, I already know it because you are in a nursing program. don't let the NCLEX intimidate you although it may be inevitable, because the idea of sitting for your boards can be stressful. But, you guys can handle it. You are Your Own Worst Enemy-- Don't psych yourself out.

Again, I would recommend uworld, do all 2000 questions, the predictor test, review some content you didn't really understand, and take a few days before the NCLEX to do anything other than studying (I played a few hours of basketball and i was able to sleep like a baby). IMO, do not tell a soul when your exam date is--it could only give you more anxiety. Keep the date to yourself and no one else.So, it is probably not allowed by Uworld, but I recorded my screen while I took the predictor test (I originally did it so I could see why I answered certain questions the way I did). If anyone has any questions or wants to review the questions you are more than welcome to message me.

I have faith in you all. If i could pass the nclex, so can you guys!!


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