NCLEX Exam | Nervous? Maybe my story will make help you relax!

I just passed NCLEX with 76 questions, and I'm not sure much was in my favor in the typical way. Due to an accident, two weeks before graduation, and 2 subsequent surgeries and countless hours in occupational therapy I didn't sit for NCLEX until 10 months after graduation. By the time my body had healed I felt so rusty and wondered how much I remembered from nursing school.

I used as a refresher and watched nearly every video offered. I needed this since it had been quite a bit of time since school. I dabbled a little bit with Saunders NCLEX-RN examination and a few quizzes with ATI since that was what my school used.

Most of my study time though was with UWorld and I cannot say enough good things about this program. Do every question and read every rational and you should be fine. Other programs give you an opportunity to quiz, but UWorld is the closest thing to NCLEX that you'll get. Pay attention to the rationals. Every one, even the ones that you get right.

My UWorld quizzes were always in 50-60% range. Both of my assessment tests were 50%. I was not a UWorld quiz star by any stretch of the word, but it taught me to prioritize, delegate, assess, ect.

My NCLEX started with about 15 SATA questions. I had one med calc. What felt like a lot of maternity, and then it shifted to delegation, prioritization, and triage questions. I had a ridiculously easy question about delegation of tasks to a UAP at question 74 and I thought for sure I was a goner because it felt too easy.

The exam shut down at 76 and like everyone else reports, I was sure I failed.

I did the PVT and DID NOT GET THE GOOD POP UP! I was convinced there was no hope. I checked my state BON website and didn't find anything for my name.

49 hours (on a Sunday!) from starting the exam my quick results were ready and I was told I passed. It doesn't feel like I had any of the traditional markers of success in place, but I passed. If you find yourself in any of my stations, take hope! Do not psych yourself out!

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