For the past year I had been waiting patiently for my paperwork to be approved so that I can schedule my NCLEX. I had much anxiety for the exam since I had been out of Nursing school for a year and a half so I felt my brain was a bit rusty.

Everyone around me kept asking when I was going to finally take my exam and I would repel the negative energy by saying “As soon as my approval date comes in, I will be ready. I am taking it one time and stopping at 75 questions and out of the exam room in an hour and a half.

The Universe will give me questions that I will be able to answer and if not, then I will guess the right answer!!!” I would say this with enthusiasm and people laughed at me, but I just knew to believe in myself.

The NCLEX has up to 265 questions, 75 being the minimum and a 6 hour time allowance. I knew my expectations of how I will ace my exam were set high, but I also know the great works of the Universe.

Every time before I studied, I would repeat that I would be able to recall the information on the day of the exam. Before bed I would visualize telling my parents and friends that I passed. I imagined my mom crying with tears of joy, my dad would give me a proud look and firm hug. I was able to conjure up and feel those feelings by remembering the day of my graduation.

On the day of my exam I did 75 questions and finished in less than an hour an a half!

So grateful for The Secret and the Law of Attraction. It truly is “Ask, Believe, Receive”!!!!!!!

Thank you!

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