NCLEX Review | 5 Strategies for Passing The NCLEX-RN

Preparing for your NCLEX-RN exam can be a stressful time! It might seem that preparing for the test can be even more overwhelming than the test itself. Take a review class? Study for weeks? Study for months? Not to fear. In this blog, we will take a look at 5 strategies for passing the NCLEX-RN exam successfully.

Review the test plan

Although you might think that the test contains just about anything you have seen or read about in nursing school, that’s not actually the case. The test is built around a specific test plan. The even better news is that the test plan is readily available for anyone to review for free. You can view the test plan on the website for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or click here: NCLEX-RN Test Plan.

Assess your knowledge

Now that you have looked over the test plan, you will know the breakdown of topics and subtopics that you will see on the exam. Carefully go through each topic and subtopic and think through what things you have learned that are related to those broad categories. Try your best to identify your own knowledge of these topics. Take notes if you need to. The goal of this exercise is to sort out what you know and what needs more study time.

Focus your studies on your weakest areas

All of us are better at some things than we are at others. Nursing knowledge is no different. Maybe you enjoyed one specialty the most so that information came to you naturally, where another subject took hours of studying to get right. Set aside the topics you feel most confident about and focus your studies on the places where you feel you need the most work. Seek out additional resources such as textbooks or video tutorials to reinforce your learning in these areas.

Practice NCLEX-style questions

The questions on the NCLEX-RN exam take many factors into account to measure the test-takers understanding of the content being questioned. Practice answering this style of question so that you become familiar with identifying keywords that will help you answer the questions correctly. There are many places to find practice NCLEX-RN questions. You could try free resources like the library for NCLEX-RN test preparation books or choose to take a class that aims to help you better understand the types of questions that are seen on the test.


Sounds simple, right? But seriously, take a deep breath and trust your education. You made it all the way through nursing school to prepare you to think like a nurse. The NCLEX-RN exam is the last stop on earning those RN letters behind your name. You have already done most of the work. It is important to study and prepare but it is equally as important to trust in yourself and your ability demonstrate your nursing knowledge on the test.

Preparing for a test like the NCLEX isn’t easy but, I hope these 5 strategies for NCLEX-RN exam success will help you get a good start. Happy Studying!

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