NCLEX REVIEW | 5 Ways to Prep for NCLEX While Traveling

I love to travel. I am always amazed by the things there are to see and do in this world. But what do you do if you want to travel but you need to study for the NCLEX? Fear not! You can study for the NCLEX and travel too! Here are 5 ways to prep for the NCLEX while traveling.

Set Your Goals

Just like when studying at home, it helps to be very with clear with what your expectations are when you prep for the NCLEX while traveling. Setting small, realistic goals will help you stay on track with test preparation and allow you to maximize the time you have to enjoy your travel too!

Before you depart on your travel adventure, review the test plan and pick a few topics to focus on as you prep for the NCLEX while traveling. Focused study sessions can increase your confidence bit by bit as you master the content into smaller pieces.

It also helps you to manage your time so you don’t spend your entire day cooped up with your NCLEX studies! Once you have covered the topic or content for the day, stash those books and get back to enjoying the travel experience.

Get Connected

Before you hit the road, it is best to prepare to plug in to study while traveling. If you are using an online study platform, you need to be sure you have internet access at your destination. Spend a little bit of time looking into internet access and plan accordingly.

Understand what your internet options are and be prepared to use them. Not going to have internet access? That’s ok too! You don’t NEED the internet to prep for the NCLEX while traveling but investigating whether or not you can connect will help you as you decide how to meet your study goals while you travel.

Travel Light

No one wants to pay for excess baggage fees at the airport or have a suitcase too big to fit in the trunk! That is why I recommend checking out NCLEX study apps and e-books. There are many apps out there designed to help students study for the NCLEX. Check them out and download the ones that you think can best help you be prepared to ace the NCLEX.

If you have been using an NCLEX study book at home, look to see if the company makes an app too or look to see if there is an e-book available. Having electronic study materials makes it easier to prep for the NCLEX while traveling by keeping your references ready and accessible when you are.

Make Use of Waiting

Travel is usually accompanied by a lot of waiting — waiting to board your flight, waiting at the baggage claim, waiting to catch your bus or shuttle, or riding in the car. Put that down time to good use and study! Grab your e-book or NCLEX app of choice and spend a few minutes studying the topic for the day.

When you prep for the NCLEX while traveling, it is important to find the balance between your study goals and your travel experience. Fitting in some studying when it doesn’t take away from your travel helps you stay on track and keeps you motivated to reach your goals.

Attitude is Everything

It might sound like a better idea to travel and then worry about your studying when you return but, when it comes to successfully passing the NCLEX, you have to play the long game. What is easiest or most convenient in the short term might not always be the best option. You have spent a lot of time, energy, and money getting through nursing school.

Passing the NCLEX is your last step to becoming a registered nurse. Carve out a bit of time on your travels to meet those study goals. Enjoy the process of studying in a new spot. Don’t look at preparing for the NCLEX while you travel as a bad thing. Look at it as a way to clear your mind and focus on the path ahead.

Traveling is one of my favorite things and I never pass up the opportunity to explore new places. You can prepare for NCLEX while traveling by setting goals, getting connected, packing light, using the down time, and keeping your attitude positive. Plan ahead to enjoy the journey of travel and crushing the NCLEX. Happy studying!

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