NCLEX REVIEW | A Story of an NCLEX-RN passer.

I just found out last tuesday that i passed the NCLEX-RN! I actually can't believe it until now, I am 21 years old and proud to be a Registered Nurse. The most memorable, exciting, happiest moment I have ever felt in my entire life. After all the hardworks, stress, and even tears got instantly paid off when i saw my name popped out in the BRN site. This is the most wonderful gift that i could ever give to my parents. They were very proud of me.

Back in college, i was just a typical student who attends classes and just satisfied with a passing grade. I am not an A student. In fact, I hate reading. And the biggest question after my school life - how would i pass my NCLEX? Now that's the challenge. by the way, i finished my BSN in the Philippines.

At first, I googled what is the best book for nclex review. They say Saunders Comprehensive Review Book is the best book for nclex, so I got one. I read the whole book and took me 2 and a half months to finish it. It's a tedious process but i said I have to do it for my future. I got tons of information. But i felt like I still need help in some things. so i decided to enroll in a review program that my brother, who is also an RN, recommended. America Healthways education in Artesia CA. about 45 mins. away from where I live.

The review center has done a big thing for me. Introduced me to some other diseases that i am not familiar with that I've never heard nor seen in my book. their materials have helped me a lot like no other. I love their NCLEX bullet. very brief and informative! If you are having troubles in the disease processes, during the lecture, you can directly ask the instructor and will respond to your question accurately or would do a research if the question is unfamiliar. One of the things i love about AHEC is that they even have the actual things that are commonly used in the hospital setting.

My review experience in AHEC is very satisfying. I gained knowledge, good friends whom i shared my experiences with, and the biggest thing, my RN license. AHEC is definitely NOT about making money out from their students like any other review centers i know. they'll make you feel more ready for the test and build up your confidence as well as your faith in fulfilling your dream. By the way, I attended the class for 7 days, I started last july 5-12 2011. took my exam on the 29th and boom, i passed.

There is no secret in passing the NCLEX, your only key in passing is not just about attending a review program, or reading the best book ever but being responsible enough to do your part as a student. read as often as you can, make a goal, and PRAY. trust in the lord and never question. just BELIEVE and be POSITIVE. everything will turn out right if you do your best.

I thank GOD, my family, friends, my saunders book and of course America Healthways Education.

To all who are taking the NCLEX soon, I wish you luck and may the lord guide you. Just remember to pray and have faith. God works in mysterious ways. God bless!

-J.Dayao, RN-BSN


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