Passed nclex pn

Hello all and happy holidays.

I have a motivational story that I want to share with the future nurses. Before I go into my story I want to thank GOD for he is the head of my life.

Well here is a little background on me I'm a 23 male nurse with a 3 year old princess I was never the school type I was a straight C student that always had a good work ethic I knew I was smart I just didn't really apply myself. I attended community college for about two years before starting to work full time. So fast forward to August 2013 this is the time I started lpn school.

At first it was a breeze and then I seen the beast come out full fledged. Failing test (never been a good test taker), being put on probation, catching flat tires, running out of gas, failing two classes, and ect. Everything you could think of pretty much went wrong in some way. Not to mention my father had to live in the hospital for about 3 months due to a failing heart(he actually recieved a donor heart while I was in school,and has been living great since) .

So at the lowest point in my life I still had to deal with school and everything that came went it. I put my big boots on and I kept trucking through it all. I graduated in May of 2014 with still having to complete a OB course (they let me go through with everything because they had faith that I would pass) AND I DID!!!!!

So with the stress of school of my back I proceeded to prepare for my nclex pn exam. At this time I was only studying nclex pn mastery (app) and exam cram( didn't finish it though only did 2 chapters)I was officially done with school in late June of 2014 I scheduled my exam for July 9th 2014 at 2:00pm anticipating that I would pass.

All of my friends were passing like hot fries so I wanted to join the wave. I didn't give myself enough time to prep I was too anxious to get it over with. So the day came and I felt good about it I ate a light breakfast and reviewed some note cards.

I arrived at Pearson vue early around 1:30pm I signed in, took the picture, scanned my fingerprints. My test shut off at 152, and l felt good about the test so as soon as I got to my car I tried the pvue trick (the old one) and I got the bad pop up. I was crushed n depressed for like a week I had to keep repeating the same heart aching story over and over and over. So I wasn't about to let NCLEX ruin me any further I made a study program and stuck to it to the tee.

It consisted of .....

1.Watching 5 youtube videos (I have a personal play list I would take a look at everyday)

2.Doing 100 nclex 3000 questions a day and understanding the rationales

3.Reading SAUNDERS 5th edition(The Holy Grail) and doing the questions at the end of every chapter. Also doing 100-200 questions that come with the online program with Evolve.

4. Review the 35 page nclex study guide found online


I swear I did these 5 things for 5 days a week for 5 months and I can honestly say that's all I needed I don't have big bucks to be spending on a refresher course so I use my resources that were offered to me. So after I felt ready enough(cause you will never feel like your 100% ready).

I scheduled my exam for the 29th of December at 2:00pm yep 2 days before New Years (my goal was to have my nursing license before this year) the day came (which was yesterday) I woke up feeling like I had done everything I can do I ate breakfast with my daughter looked at some videos, and reviewed some note cards.

Time was going by fast I looked up and it was 12:30 I kissed my baby had a word of prayer with my father then I headed out. I got to the testing center at exactly 1:20. I said a prayer and looked at some questions (I know I couldn't resist I'm happy I did though). After doing about 35 questions I proceeded to go in the testing facility.

Since legally I can't tell you the questions that I had all I can say is I had about 35 multiple multiples 9 drag and drop. The test kept getting harder even at question 160. This is when I knew I failed. I took a break for about 5 mins said a prayer and went back in.

After question 180 and having 2 hours left I knew I was going to get the full exam(lucky me) so my test shut off at 205(yup that's right) after the survey I raised my hand and was led out of the testing center.

I really didn't know how to feel while gathering my things I asked god to send me a sign and the man just outta the blue said the word nurse. On the way home I thanked god for letting me take the test again not knowing if I failed or not once I got home my family was hyped up for me they asked me what happened I told them I don't know but I felt good like last time.

So as I lay in the bed feeling empty I said I'm going to try the new pvue trick. So as I entered my cc info n then hit submit I got the good pop up. I still couldn't believe it so I did it again and again and again. Same results so just this morning my name changed from pending application to an ACTIVE lpn license.

THE REASON I SAY ALL THIS IS TO LET YOU KNOW THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL YOU CAN DO PUT GOD FIRST. This was the way to start the New Years off if you need a person to talk to I'm here I just made me an account after being a longtime lurker.

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