I graduated in the year 2008 in nursing, and a lot of nurses asked me how I did it and how I started with the process knowing I’m working in KUWAIT as an OFW.

Through the help of IPASS Processing, I was able to complete it. I started in December 2018. They’re all friendly to answer all my questions. I just submitted all the requirements they needed online. I accomplished all the necessary steps for my NCLEX with the help and assistance of IPASS Processing.

The hardest part is- the study plan. Basically I’m not an art lover. I saw some posts wherein they created a notebook and write their notes in a very colorful way, do some wallpaper art and a lot of stuff but I cannot do that.

Art doesn’t like me at all What I did was with the help of my friends Mara and Myla, they print and make a book out of those review materials I studied. I don’t like online thing, I want something I can write on though my handwriting sucks and I love taking screenshots whenever there are certain topics I don’t know. A friend of mine purchased the Saunders book which helps me a lot with content.

Whenever I’m on my way to work, I close my eyes, I listened to Mark’s Audios which are helpful especially with ABG I learned ABG interpretations because of him. RegisteredNurseRN on youtube was awesome too. Whenever I’m on a bus going to work, I watched those videos for a better understanding of pathophysiology and nursing interventions and it’s really highly recommended.

Then the UWORLD, I subscribed for 3 months and renewed it for a month. It’s a bit expensive but it’s the talk of the nclex community. My Rz purchased it for me. When I started my 1st assessment, my scores suck and terrible. I got like 20 percentile which ranks very low.

Questions in Uworld are very hard but those rationales are helpful. Uworld helps me to answer SATA and critical thinking questions. It will really help you master that skill of answering hard questions however it really didn’t help me that much because I admit I lack knowledge about content. Without better comprehension of content, it’s hard to understand NCLEX questions.

La Charity is awesome when it comes to prioritization and delegation like omg I didn’t finish the whole chapters of it but it’s a great help.

In the last week of the exam, I used a summary of some NCLEX topics and AND ROADMAP TO NCLEX book from IPASS. I highly recommend you go through the book to give you more focus before you face the beast. It summarized NCLEX topics and the disease process that you might encounter in NCLEX.

What I learned was that I only have to study if my brain wants to. 3-5 hrs is enough with the help of Gingko Biloba at Glutaphos without them I’m nothing.

My ATT came out and I was scheduled by IPASS to sit for the exam. Only 3 people knew that I’ll be taking the NCLEX. I did not inform my family about it. I kept it a secret. Tourist Visa to India was taken. Hotel accommodation was booked and I took the exam on a Saturday. I had to make up excuses at work just for them not to know that I will sit for the NCLEX.

I stayed at ORANIA B&B Hotel in NEW Delhi. During the examination day, I took 4 tabs of Glutaphos before I face the beast. I was wearing my favorite color – yellow. I even bought an Onitsuka tiger yellow shoes in SELECT CITY WALK MALL IN NEW DELHI (They said it’s the biggest mall in New Delhi) for $120 and that’s my lucky charm plus the yellow shirt.

Before I went to the testing center, I called my dad, I asked him to pray for me and he asked why what happened? I told him I just need to finish some errands for my license here in Kuwait. And he said ok let’s pray. I was weeping with tears while my dad was praying and I lift up to God all my anxiety and fears. I just simply trust him completely that He will fulfill his promise♥️

It was 2 PM in the Pearson Vue testing center. I was calm. After the registration and checking, I drank a glass of water and went to the toilet before I face the beast. When I sat down (I discretely kick the wall underneath the computer. Btw, all doors I exited and entered, from the hotel, car, and testing center I also kicked them slowly and discretely 3x- it means “ I Will Pass”. It’s the same process I did when I took the PNLE Year of 2008).

Anyhow, I prayed before I started and asked God to PLEASE GIVE ME 265 questions.

Boom! SATA came 1st and every question it gets harder with more prioritization and delegation and SATA, Drag and Drop, Calculation, ECG and I saw it went up to 77 and it continued. In every question I had, I prayed to God to help me because it’s really hard for 5 hrs and 35 minutes long, I finished it with NO BREAKS I went out of the testing center smiling. I am happy I finished the 265 questions at least I’ve given my best. I may pass or fail but God heard my prayers and that was all that mattered right at that moment.

Then we went out that night with the hotel driver Manoj somewhere fancy and ate dinner and went back to the hotel and prepared my things because, at 2 AM, I have to go to the airport for my 7 AM flight. Then, I arrived in Kuwait at 9:30 AM, headed to work at 12 noon without any rest and sleep.

The agony after taking the exam was ok because I already accepted the fact that I failed. I am just happy I finished the 265 questions but deep inside I am hopeful. But, if I based it with me answering the questions, I can say I failed it. I even prayed to God if he can amend it in order for me to pass. After 3 days, I got the news from IPASS that I PASSED.

That was a teary moment. Tears of joy that after all the hard work this battle is over though I’ll be facing another battle I’m done with the 1st step of what we so-called NCLEX. GOD is good all the time to me. He was there I knew it. So if I did it, I know all of you can. Don’t worry about the numbers, just pray to God that you’ll pass and get over it.

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