So You Failed the NCLEX: 4 Experts Teach You Your Next Step

I’m glad you found this page! Please check out my updated guide for students who failed the NCLEX. It has tons more specific, useful information about what to do next.

Have you tried and failed the NCLEX recently? It’s hard to figure out what to do next. It’s hard to even think about. Don’t give up! Here is some personal advice from 4 NCLEX professionals who understand what you are going through.

First off, the word “fail” sounds super negative. How about we say “this was just not your time” to pass your nursing boards. I recommend these 10 vital steps to get you over the hill and on to passing the NCLEX:

Think positive! Your time will come, so go ahead and get used to thinking of yourself as an RN/LPN.

Think about what stressors or obstacles if any, you may anticipate facing. For example, child care issue, illness, relationship problems, financial burdens, etc. . . . How are you going to overcome them?

Have a plan (Road Map to Success) and seek help (study with another friend/nursing student or take a NCLEX review course).

Find your reason “WHY.” You will need this key information when you get discouraged and ready to call it quits.

Use the power of Visualization: See yourself working in your favorite healthcare setting (Peds, OB, Med-Surg, OR, etc).

  • Review your Candidate Performance Report

  • Recognize your strengths and your weakness

  • Consider how you previously studied and make changes

  • Passing the NCLEX especially after a not successful result will take increasing your critical

  • thinking skills, nursing knowledge, test taking tips and ways to decrease test anxiety (thru meditation and deep breathing exercises).

  • Most importantly: “BELIEVE” in yourself

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