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Welcome! My name is Amber Statham, and I’m a registered nurse at a local hospital in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) from Texas Woman’s University in December of 2014. I started my nursing career on a cardiac stepdown unit in February of 2015, and was there until March of 2017 – when I transitioned into a general medical/surgical ICU.

I have been interested in the medical/health sciences field since I was a young girl – and in fact my parents swore I would become a doctor – but I truly didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life until about 5 years ago.

When I started college I had the intention of becoming a pharmacist (I LOVE chemistry and biology), but realized soon after that I wanted to be more hands on with patients and involved in their comfort and care. I love the idea that nursing combines not only the medicinal side of healing someone, but also the mental/emotional & spiritual aspect of their healing as well.

Nursing seemed like the perfect fit for me, combining the science of medicine and the art of serving and comforting.

After I took a 2 month CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) course in the summer of 2011, my decision to go into nursing was even more solidified. I loved working with the older people in the nursing home, talking to them, keeping them company, and taking care of them.

So after taking and completing the grueling prerequisites for nursing school, I started (in January 2013) and by the good grace of God FINISHED nursing school and passed the NCLEX to become an RN!

I have future endeavors to go back to school for my DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) – I’d like to specialize in becoming a AG-ACNP (Adult-Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner). I’m thinking about applying for admission at the end of this year to start in the Fall of 2019; I still have some time before making such a big decision though!

Thanks for visiting my little blog and following my adventures as a registered nurse!

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