To God be the glory! My personal tips and success story towards passing the NCLEX-RN under the State of Texas.

Hello, Colleagues!

If you have landed this page, you might be one of those nurses seeking to gain licensure exam in the United States. I’ve been once in your shoes and I know just how hard it is to go through the process. In line with this, I promised myself that I’ll be sharing my experience with regards to NCLEX-RN processing once I pass it and I hope this blog helps!

Please take note that the following steps are only based on what I have experienced and it is still advisable to seek consult from experts. This page may only serve as a supplemental reading to the ones published with a step by step instruction.

If you already know The Process and just want to know what resource materials I used, you may jump to Review Materials.

If you want to find out how I prepared for the exam, you may jump to Exam Preparation.

If you want to know the process of getting to the US after passing NCLEX, visit my other blog at I Passed the NCLEX! What’s Next?

While the idea of working abroad is invigorating, the road to success is never easy. The examination alone is not the only factor that majority of the applicant’s fear.

Like you, I also had these panicky-questions in mind:

What is the first step?

How long will the process take?

How much money will I have to prepare?

How do I start studying?

What are the best resources in town?

What is the nature of the exam?

Where will I take the exam?

Can I do it? Am I really doing this?

How many days after will the result arrive?And of course, there’s the scariest question:

What if I fail?

All these questions flooding your mind is just overwhelming and before you could even get your hands to register, you start backing away! Deciding to take the exam alone is already a daunting task but as you try to think about it, it is one way of securing your future. View it as an investment that your future self will thank you for.

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