What does it mean to be a Nurse

Among every profession nursing is one of them. But being a nurse is not just wearing a white Uniform simply performing a duty, it is something which is beyond just a dress to wear and a job to do.

The colour of the uniform defines the purity and honesty which is important in this job as it is directly concern with the health. Nursing is a privileged job, as a nurse, you care about other people which they remember it forever.

Good health is the key to active and a good life. And people who help you to remain healthy is always appreciated but being a nurse is not helping your patient to recover rather performing care, supporting and assisting. When it comes to health people take things personally, handling patient and make them feel comfortable is the major task for the further treatment.

An identity must have needed to be a nurse

Being a nurse, it identifies the inner you. You cannot expect the same functionality of a manager working in different organisations, but nurses have common characteristics. As a nurse, you must be sympathetic, caring, hardworking, principled, and responsible for all incredible traits to be known for. If you show these qualities of yours, they are part of your identity. And they go with you throughout your career.

Challenging role

Nursing always surrounds you by challenges. So much to deal with in a leaser time and your shoulders are always loaded with immense responsibility and you will step into people’ lives. At times you see other people at their worst stages of life and sometimes at best. You will see life begin and ends.

But you have to control your nerves and not to show your emotions there is a time where you want to stop for a while just want to grieve for someone’s death and at times you want to giggle at someone’s birth but you can’t stop working because this what your challenging role is where you have to sacrifice your sleep may your dinner your social life just to save one’s life.

Qualities a nurse porter

A Pure soul and unbiased mind, a heart filled with care and concern for the health of others. Nursing provides you the opportunity to serve others and make others life meaningful by care and wellness. Your trustworthy behaviour and sincerity always describes your work excellence and build up a good relationship with the patients. Treating a patient only by medical aids is not enough to give them faster recovery and even providing them healthier lives need the real connection between the patient and the nurse.

The Bottom Line

Giving a training to provide practical enhancement to a person to perform the task correctly is very common in every profession but in nursing, you can only provide medical knowledge but not trained them which makes them more caring, honest and trustworthy it builds by own.

One should always feel proud to be a nurse.” It always means a lot to be nurse.”


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