What I Learned Failing the NCLEX® 3 Times (RN . . . More Than an Abbreviation)

When I opened the email from Ashely, I could tell that she was completely deflated.

She had just failed NCLEX 3 times.

At that time she was sobbing and unsure if she should even continue on her path in nursing. Prior to this she was sure that nursing was her calling . . . how could she be failing!

A year later, she reached out to me again with the subject line in her email: RN . . . More Than an Abbreviation

Ashley’s Story (how she finally passed NCLEX)

Failed NCLEX® Three Times . . . So What!

It took Ashley 4 tries to finally pass.

The journey to passing was not a short one.

She spent over a year going through failure.

She had been interviewed and accepted an RN job that was contingent on passing NCLEX.

After each failure, she had to tell her nurse manager 3 times that she had failed. She watched classmates and friends passing and starting jobs.

Why is this so motivating to me?

Ashley’s approach to this trial is what truly makes her stand out and makes me feel confident that she will be a phenomenal nurse and do so much for our profession.

This is not an uncommon concern with nursing students. We get emails like this so often. The NCLEX is simply a beast and a complicated test . . . and shows very little how you will do as a nurse.

What Didn’t Work for Ashley:





Ashley and I are kindred spirits when it comes to mnemonics, goals, and how to show compassion to patients.

Key Takeaways:

Failure is an event . . . it doesn’t have to define YOU.

YOU are not your grades.

Everyone has a unique story. Don’t quit.

If you need additional help with nursing school or failed NCLEX. Check out NRSNG Academy. We cover all major nursing topics and include thousands of practice questions and resources.


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